How does environmental change impact
animal populations and the places they live?
How can we improve ecosystem management
and Biodiversity conservation?


These two questions are at the heart of my research, which aims to improve our understanding and management of the natural world. I am an Alfred Deakin Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Deakin University’s Centre for Integrative Ecology in Melbourne, Australia where I conduct applied research in disturbance, movement and predator-prey ecology. I achieve this through field experiments, empirical modelling, quantitative syntheses and partnerships with industry and government. My research ranges from local to global scales and currently falls into three main areas:
1. Impacts of anthropogenic disturbance and landscape change on animal movement.
2. Managing the interactive effects of fire and invasive predators on native fauna.
3. Mechanisms and consequences of habitat degradation in agricultural landscapes.

I am always interested to hear from potential collaborators and research students, so please get in contact.

Dr Tim S. Doherty
Centre for Integrative Ecology
School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Deakin University
Melbourne, Australia
tdohert [@] deakin.edu.au

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