Media round up on feral cats

Over the past week or two there’s been a lot of media and opinion pieces about the impacts and management of feral cats in Australia. A couple of papers have been published too.

I thought I would compile all the various articles here because it’s hard to keep up with everything!

Background Briefing Feral cats rewrite the Australian story

Background Briefing The ethics of the dead cat shot

Andrew Cox for ABC Environment Feral cats: how we can solve this problem

Jim Radford for ABC Environment Feral cats will never be eradicated

John Woinarski for ABC Environment Cats are leading a new wave of extinction

Euan Ritchie for ABC Environment Top dogs: Australian predators can provide 24-7 feral cat control

Gregory Andrews for ABC Environment Calling for community support to beat feral cats

ABC Environment Greg Hunt a ‘hero’ for addressing feral cats: Walmsley

ABC Online Feral cats tear through last wild bilby population in Queensland’s Astrebla Downs National Park

ABC Online Scientists call for Tasmanian devils to be reintroduced as mainland predators to combat feral cats

Me for The Conversation To eradicate feral cats, we need to know how many are out there

ABC Online Sniffer dogs track feral cats in the Kimberley as part of wildlife project

The Guardian Environment Endangered species Australia pledges to halt loss of native mammal species by 2020

Chris Dickman and Tom Newsome in Applied Animal Behaviour Science Individual hunting behaviour and prey specialisation in the house cat Felis catus: Implications for conservation and management

Penny Fisher et al. in Applied Animal Behaviour Science How does cat behaviour influence the development and implementation of monitoring techniques and lethal control methods for feral cats?

Hugh McGregor et al. in PLoS One Landscape Management of Fire and Grazing Regimes Alters the Fine-Scale Habitat Utilisation by Feral Cats

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