Below I provide a summary of key papers according to research themes.
Please visit my Google Scholar and ResearchGate profiles for a full publication list.
Please email me for reprints.
* senior author

RECENT and Forthcoming

[48]   Doherty TS, Balouch S, Bell K, Burns T, Feldman A, Fist C, Garvey T, Jessop T, Meiri S, Driscoll DA (accepted) Reptile responses to anthropogenic habitat change: a global meta-analysisGlobal Ecology and Biogeography.

[47]   Soanes K, Cranney K, Dade M, Edwards AM, Palavalli-Nettimi R, Doherty TS* (2020) How to work with children and animals: A guide for school-based citizen science wildlife researchAustral Ecology.

[46]   Geary WL, Doherty TS, Nimmo DG, Tulloch AIT, Ritchie EG (2020) Predator responses to fire: a global systematic review and meta-analysisJournal of Animal Ecology.

[45]   Doherty TS, Russell JC (2019) Ethical dimensions of invasive animal management in Routledge Handbook of Animal Ethics (ed. Fischer B), Routledge.

Invasive predators

Movement ecology

Fire ecology

Conservation policy and management








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