Below I provide a summary of key papers according to research themes.
Please visit my Google Scholar and ResearchGate profiles for a full publication list.
Please email me for reprints.
* senior author

RECENT and Forthcoming

[50]   Radley P, Davis RA, Doherty TS (accepted) Impacts of invasive rats and tourism on a threatened island bird: the Palau Micronesian Scrubfowl. Bird Conservation International.

[49]   Miritis V, Rendall AR, Doherty TS, Coetsee AL, Ritchie EG (accepted) Living with the enemy: a threatened prey species coexisting with feral cats on a fox-free islandWildlife Research.

[48]   Doherty TS, Balouch S, Bell K, Burns TJ, Feldman A, Fist C, Garvey TF, Jessop TS, Meiri S, Driscoll DA (2020) Reptile responses to anthropogenic habitat modification: a global meta-analysisGlobal Ecology and Biogeography.

[47]   Soanes K, Cranney K, Dade M, Edwards AM, Palavalli-Nettimi R, Doherty TS* (2020) How to work with children and animals: A guide for school-based citizen science wildlife researchAustral Ecology.

[46]   Geary WL, Doherty TS, Nimmo DG, Tulloch AIT, Ritchie EG (2020) Predator responses to fire: a global systematic review and meta-analysisJournal of Animal Ecology.

Invasive predators

Movement ecology

Fire ecology

Conservation policy and management








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