Below I provide a summary of key papers according to research themes.
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* senior author

RECENT and Forthcoming

[47]   Soanes K, Cranney K, Dade M, Edwards AM, Palavalli-Nettimi R, Doherty TS* (2020) How to work with children and animals: A guide for school-based citizen science wildlife researchAustral Ecology.

[46]   Geary WL, Doherty TS, Nimmo DG, Tulloch AIT, Ritchie EG (2020) Predator responses to fire: a global systematic review and meta-analysisJournal of Animal Ecology.

[45]   Doherty TS, Russell JC (2019) Ethical dimensions of invasive animal management in Routledge Handbook of Animal Ethics (ed. Fischer B), Routledge.

Invasive predators

Doherty TS, Dickman CR, Glen AS, Newsome TM, Nimmo DG, Ritchie EG, Vanak AT, Wising AJ (2017) The global impacts of domestic dogs on threatened vertebrates. Biological Conservation.

Doherty TS, Dickman CR, Johnson CN, Legge SM, Ritchie EG, Woinarski JCZ (2017) Impacts and management of feral cats Felis catus in Australia. Mammal Review. 

Doherty TS, Ritchie EG (2017) Stop jumping the gun: a call for evidence-based invasive predator management. Conservation Letters. [Open Access]

Doherty TS, Glen AS, Nimmo DG, Ritchie EG, Dickman CR. (2016) Invasive predators and global biodiversity lossProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. *Featured in Nature and Science.

Doherty TS, Dickman CR, Nimmo DG, Ritchie EG (2015) Multiple threats, or multiplying the threats? Interactions between invasive predators and other ecological disturbances. Biological Conservation.

Doherty TS, Davis RA, van Etten EJB, Algar D, Collier N, Dickman CR, Edwards G, Masters P, Palmer R, Robinson S (2015) A continental-scale analysis of feral cat diet in Australia. Journal of Biogeography.

Doherty TS, Bengsen AJ, Davis RA (2014) A critical review of habitat use by feral cats and key directions for future research and management. Wildlife Research.

Movement ecology

Doherty TS, Fist CN, Driscoll DA (2019) Animal movement varies with resource availability, landscape configuration and body size: a conceptual model and empirical example. Landscape Ecology.

Nimmo DG et al., including Doherty TS (2019Animal movements in fire-prone landscapesBiological Reviews.

Doherty TS, Driscoll DA (2018) Coupling movement and landscape ecology for animal conservation in production landscapes. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. [Open Access]

Fire ecology

Davis H, Ritchie EG, Avitabile S, Doherty TS, Nimmo DG (2018) Testing the assumptions of the pyrodiversity begets biodiversity hypothesis for termites in semi-arid AustraliaRoyal Society Open Science. [Open Access]

Doherty TS, van Etten EJB, Davis RA, Knuckey CG, Radford JQ, Dalgleish S (2017) Ecosystem responses to fire: identifying cross-taxa contrasts and complementarities to inform management strategies. Ecosystems.

Davis RA^, Doherty TS^, van Etten EJB, Radford JQ, Holmes F, Knuckey CG, Davis B (2016) Conserving long unburnt vegetation is important for bird species, guilds and diversity. Biodiversity and Conservation. ^joint lead authors

Knuckey CG, van Etten EJB, Doherty TS (2016) Effects of long-term fire exclusion and frequent fire on plant community composition: a case study from semi-arid shrublands. Austral Ecology.

Doherty TS, Davis RA, van Etten EJB, Collier N, Krawiec J (2015) Response of a shrubland mammal and reptile community to a history of landscape-scale wildfire. International Journal of Wildland Fire.

Davis RA^, Doherty TS^ (2015) Rapid recovery of an urban reptile community following summer wildfire. PLOS ONE ^joint lead authors. [Open Access]

Conservation policy and management

Geary WL, Nimmo DG, Doherty TS, Ritchie, EG, Tulloch AIT (2019). Threat webs: reframing the co-occurrence and interactions of threats to biodiversity. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Doherty TS, Driscoll DA, Nimmo DG, Ritchie EG, Spencer RJ (2019) Conservation or politics? Australia’s target to kill two million cats. Conservation Letters. [Open Access]

Kearney SG, Carwardine J, Reside AE, Fisher DO, Maron M, Doherty TS, Legge S, Silcock J, Woinarski JCZ, Garnett ST, Wintle BA, Watson JEM (2019) The threats to Australia’s imperilled species and implications for a national conservation response. Pacific Conservation Biology.

Doherty TS, Bland LM, Bryan BA, Neale T, Nicholson E, Ritchie EG, Driscoll DA (2018) Expanding the role of targets in conservation policy. Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

Driscoll DA, Bland LM, Bryan BA, Newsome TM, Nicholson E, Ritchie EG, Doherty TS* (2018) A biodiversity-crisis hierarchy to evaluate and refine conservation indicators. Nature Ecology and Evolution.

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